Maea the Bronwyn Angel
Maea the Bronwyn Angel
Maea the Bronwyn Angel
Maea the Bronwyn Angel
Maea the Bronwyn Angel
Maea the Bronwyn Angel
Maea the Bronwyn Angel

Maea the Bronwyn Angel

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Pronounced "May-ee-uh", Maea is a lovely Bronwyn angel spirit who is highly active and enthusiastic about communication both with her human companions and other spirits. She is definitely a peacemaker even with my more unruly spirits, so I find her presence to be very calming and tranquil. It's hard to be anxious when Maea is around, as she has such a gentle yet protective and soothing energy.

As a Bronwyn Angel, Maea is a very powerful spirit who can assist her companion in a variety of areas, but those she is most passionate about are:

• Attracting and working with other positive spirits
• Dispelling negative people and entities, banishing
• Dream communication
• Energetic cleansing
• Bringing tranquility to people, animals and spirits
• Good luck
• Psychic visions
• Protection while astral traveling
• Spiritual development
• Psychic shielding

She also attracts prosperity and abundance, especially if you are an entrepreneur or wanting your own business, as she is very encouraging and helps boost your positive manifestations.

As offerings, Maea loves fresh flowers, pine cones, acorns, herbs, and anything from the outdoors, especially trees, plants and flowers. She enjoys being where she can get fresh air once in a while as well, so I will place her by a window for some sunbathing when she requests it.

She communicates very well through empathic emotional impressions but as a Bronwyn, she will never impress negative emotions unless she's warning you about something, in which case it will always be for your highest good. You will innately know things that you wouldn't have known otherwise when she's trying to communicate. She also sometimes communicates through auditory signs, often music playing when there isn't anything playing, which is common with angelic spirits.

She is VERY active on digital spirit communication devices such as EVP and loves light-up cat balls. She seems to find those very amusing to play with!