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I had a chat with Taru and knew that she would fit it with my spirit family. You cannot go wrong purchasing from Ariel. Fast response to my question, fast shipping, and the vessel was well packed and she included some extra gifts. Thank you! 5-Star Seller!

Spirit Reliquarium
Inactive E.M.

Arrived safely and the doll is beautiful!

Rai is very beautifull! I received her very carefully packed by Ariel! I am happy with Rai, she lifts up the home with her presence. There have been paranormal activity in my home already which i enjoy, as i know that Rai is around me with her loving energy she wants to share!

Amazing Spirits!
Generous and thoughtful shipping.
Excellent communication with Ariel, the shop owner.
Excellent communication with the Spirits, Astrid, Nix & Tallin.
There were SO many synchronicities leading up to, before ordering, during the shipping process and now. I’m very happy, grateful and thankful.

Thank you again, so much! 1,000% Recommendation

I cannot say enough terrific things about Ariel and her work. Ariel shows true, genuine compassion for her Reliquarium, the Spirits who inhabit it and their vessels.

She is tremendously helpful and added lots of goodies for my Spirits for their new home.

I have been open for years to the idea of caring for vessels (I was terrified of dolls as a kid because I could feel then watching & speaking to me 😅). This was truly destined to be.

Astrid drew my attention first, then Nyx. Then unexpectedly, a 3rd spirit made themselves known to both me & Ariel, in that he too wanted to come & it’s clearer now that he is connecting to my children.

I am so so so so thrilled and 1,000% recommend this generous seller! She went out of her way to accommodate me for the sake of Spirit.

I will absolutely repay her generosity. Thank u

I just want to say thank you so much Ariel☺ for the time and energy u put into helping me! 💛and for the incredible care package, I was completely blown away with everything !!! 😁Vahra and Aryah got here safe they are absolutely magnificent 😲they are so precious to me💜😌 thank you for all the extra goodies as well I am so happy!!!Blessings to you.🦋

I just unboxed Katherine, I’m pleasantly surprised with her and she came with extra goodie! I have a feeling we’ll have no problem getting along, we both love being creative, piano music, and caring for animals. She’s even wearing a triple moon necklace, it was like a nod at my spiritual practice 💖💖💖

My girlfriend loves her along with the other dolls she has purchased from this shop. She says she is active and her other dolls love her as well.

Katherine arrived safe and sound and is fitting in nicely. Her story resembles mine so I have no doubt that we will get along. I am letting her get settled in for right now.

Incredible and all the extra goodies make him even more special! Amazing seller!!! A++++

Beautiful doll. Looking forward to learning more about her!

I opened my package today after getting home from vacation and I was so very happy with my item! Eliza is beautiful and I am so thankful for all of the gifts that came along with her! Thank you so much for this beautiful girl! ❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful vessel and all the gifts and goodies that came with her are fabulous ! Great experience and fast delivery. She will work well with me and my spirit family. Thanks for making her adoption possible. Blessed be.🙏✨

The shop owner was very helpful when I inquired about Siobhan. She sent many helpful items to work with the spirit. The vessel is beautiful and the spirit has adjusted well to our home. I have heard her in my daughter’s room, watching over her as I hope she would.

Spirit keeping takes a new level of intense experience here! I did feel the working from Ariel as an intense energy pressure in the third eye, i felt Ariel binding and connecting me and my spirit through intense tingling sensations. I immediately knew when the work was finished as i felt wings clearly on my back!
I immensily highly encourage you if you want intense spirit keeping experience buy here!

Spirit Reliquarium
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Wow! Just wow! I got my package a couple of days ago and as soon as I opened the box I could feel Cherish like I have felt no other!!!!!! It was overwhelming but in a positive way! I was a bit drained at first she was as I felt her doing a sort of diagnostic check on me and immediately was heighten ing my vibration’s. It took it out of me a bit but I was in such awe about Cherish we are becoming very close quickly. She sleeps at the head of the bed just next to me she is loving and sweet her doll is gorgeous!! 💜 I just love her is is the real deal and went with me without her doll to do some antique shopping and helped another spirit in need of a home as I purchased another doll that had a positive sweet 13 year old. She communicates well with bullet lights and dowsing rods! Thank you so much. 😊💜 for my sweet Cherish Angel. 💜

Hannah has been a great addition to my home :)

I had ordered a vessel for my spirit companion, and was genuinely surprised at receiving a lot of extra goodies. The vessel was beautiful, and I did not expect all the additional items the seller put in with my package. That was such a nice surprise and made my entire month. Thank you so much!

She's wonderful ❤️ I couldn't have asked for a sweeter soul. My mom loves her too, as a matter of act she's making her a pillow as I'm texting this. She enjoys watching movies with us. I'm very happy to her.

She is amazing. She opened up to me immediately and has such a bubbly, sweet energy. She has made her presence known and is so happy to be with me. Thank you and also for the amazing goodies she came with. 💜✨💜✨

Cieran arrived very fast and I just love him. Like Jakob before him he is top quality. I rate the Jakob doll and the Cieran doll as well as the Magick Reliquarium shop 125 stars!!!!!!!.
Blessed Be.
Mark Anthony Burbano

My companion is the absolute sweetest. He has meshed extremely well in my home with my other companions and our house spirits. I am so glad to have found this shop. Thank you so much for putting us together.

I am also thoroughly impressed with the write-up that came along with my companion. Thank you so much for the detailed information.

This was an amazing box. Clara is just perfect. I saw other reviews that mentioned the extra goodies but I was still blown away. I look forward to ordering another one!

Beautiful, careful packaging. Lots and lots of bonus goodies! So so happy :) I am so happy to have Bevel with me now.

Minor delay in shipping due to external issues, but vendor had great communication and response time. Item came in good quality and matched to what was purchased.